Chapel remains found in Heliopolis Temple

* Ministry of Antiquities
Press Office – 14-4-2015

Egyptian German Mission uncovered a chapel in Heliopolis
Temple – Matareyyah

The Egyptian – German Mission working in Heliopolis Temple
uncovered the bottom part of a chapel that belongs to King
Nectanebo I of the 30th Dynasty. The uncovered piece consists
of carved Basalt blocks in addition to a part of a royal
statue carrying a cartouche of King Merineptah .. Declared
Dr. Eldamaty Minister of Antiquities.
It is the first time that a chapel is found within the borders
of this temple, clarified Eldamaty noting that ground water
is being reduced now in order to complete excavation works
inside this huge and extremely important temple.
On the other hand, Dr. Aiman Ashmawy, head of the Egyptian
Mission from the Ministry of Antiquities added that the
uncovered part of the statue depicts King Merineptah of the
19th Dynasty presenting an offering to a deity, pointing out
that excavation works performed at the area revealed layers
of human settlements; pottery and other evidences dating
to Pre and Early Dynastic Periods.
Dr. Detrich Rau, Head of the German Mission finally added
that the rest of the chapel is expected to be uncovered
during the next season noting that the temple’s mud brick
walls were found with width of 15m. and that he hopes new
objects to be found in the near future.

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